#072022-03 Bimbo wrapped up!

21:16 video

The sexy Bimbo-Gal Chrissina chills on her brand new couch as she realizes strange noises in her flat. As she finds her frontdoor open, she becomes suprised by two intruders and got XXXX back in her livingroom. The two men are moneycollectors wich want to claim the money from the superbuxom blonde wich she had lend for her new couch. Unfortunatelly Chrissina has no money at home but the two brutes want to be sure. To ensure a calm raid, the two binds Chrissina's hands and feet with some sticky tape! While the helpless victim, wich is by the way only dressed with a tight t-shirt and a g-string (nothing more!), protests, the intruders keep their search on. After they didn't found money, they decide to make it clear for the busty captive, that she should raise the money quick. Now the anyway tied up Chrissina becomes merciless and brutal wrapped up into the rest of the duct-tape! After it's extensive and tight fixed arround the voluptious curves and limbs of the Bimbo, her noisy mouth earns a huge packaging and a half-the-head-covering wrap-gag. After the brutes used up all the tape, they left the flat and leave behind a helpless struggling and good muffled moaning, half naked Bimbo-Parcel in her uncomfortable and unlucky predicament! 

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