Detective\'s final Destination!

19:00 video

The sexy police-detective Chrissina is on her way to the house of Ms Kerrigan, a witness in her actual case. After the busty detective couldn't reach her protege over phone, she's worried and visits her direct. But as Chrissina enters the flat, she finds the beheaded corpse of the cruel murdered woman. After the first shock and nausea about this found, Chrissina try to call her colleagues, but before she can reach someone, she becomes suprised and brutally XXXX down. Some time later... The overwhelmed detective awakes again in a strange room. As she got back her full awareness, she realizes that someone had tied her up massively to a chair with a ton of ropes! Also amounts of sticky duct-tape is wrapped thoroughly arround her head and seals her crammed mouth. After a while of desperate struggling and moaning, a floor-door opens and a dark dressed person enters. Now the helpless detective comes to the conclusion, that she's been captured on the attic of Ms Kerrigan's house and that the guy must be her murder! But Chrissina's massive restriction keeps her save and unable to act. Even as her cruel captor installs a timebomb next to her and exposes her huge tits from her blouse and bra, the poor Victim must helpless endure that her captor leaves and locks her in her XXXX-cell. Now the panic takes part of the big boobed captive and she can only rumble, squirm and moan in hope to alarm someone while her last minutes runs out merciless...   

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