10224 A fatal found of a buxom Trainee

24:22 video

Chrissina ist the new trainee in a company and has the order by her boss to bring some documents. Unfortunatelly she has forget the way-description and now she snoops arround in a storage-room. The only thing she finds are some packages with a strange powder in it. Before she can go on with her search, a man from the security busted her with her found. Chrissina try to explain the situation but suddenly she becomes grabbed and the man uses some tape to tie her hands on her back and her legs together! The suprised trainee thinks to be the victim of a joke and waits helpless till the man returns with her boss. The strange packages she found are drugs and now it’s clear that she has found out about a dark secret. Chrissina’s situation turns into a dangerous prediacment because now she’s a uncomfortable witness and can’t be let go. Her boss gives the order to get rid of her quick and then the security man start to prepare the unlucky blonde brutally. Amounts of sticky tape pins her legs together and her arms gets effective secured on her back through amounts of large-scaled-wrapped tape arround her voluptious chest! To keep her quiet, Chrissina earns a huge mouth-filling wich is sealed in with a extensive half-head-covering tapewrapgag. After she has spend some time hopeless squirming and moaning alone, her captor returns and drags the bountiful packed up bunch out to the underground garage for her last trip!   

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