B0623 Kidnapping of a superbusty Student

30:59 video

It's afternoon as the sexy student Chrissina returns into her flat. As she's looking for her flatmate Vivienne, she makes a cruel found. Her poor flatmate lies unconsisiousness on the floor, massively tied up into a bunch of tape and also gagged! Before Chrissina can help her friend, she also becomes knocked down by an intruder. Some time later... Chrissina awakes in a strange room, lying on a mattress and is tied up with tape on hands and legs combined with a sticky stripe over her mouth! Now it's clear that she's been kidnapped by criminals and start to struggle and moan arround desperately. But her noise alarms her captors and one of them comes to look for the big boobed damsel. He removes Chrissina's gag and explains her very bad situation as kidnapped and soon resold product, just as like her unlucky flatmate Vivienne already has been! Chrissina's desperate whining and begging earns no compassion and now the cruel captor starts to prepare the a bit too simple captured Bimbo for her soon delivery. The helpless student becomes brutally and massive bundled up into tons of additional tape wich get wrapped up arround her voluptous chest and arms and also her stockinged legs! Also the buxom parcel earns a huge cramed-to-the-hilt mouthpacking wich got effective sealed by a tight and wide tapewrapgag! Then, left all alone in her prison, the extensive secured Student-Bimbo is damed to squirm and moan hopeless arround in her sticky predicament untill her time of extradition has finally come!

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