A0224 A sticky Distress for a busty Cop

19:33 video

A gang of bank-robbers have entrenched themselfes with a hostage in a building. The police has sorrounded it and can make a deal with the bad guys for a hostage-exchange. The sexy police officer Chrissina agrees to switch the place with the kidnapped bank-manager and surrenders herself to them. The buxom beauty becomes captured in a room with her hands tied up and guarded by one of the robbers. Of course she tries to persuade him to surrender, but as the gang-boss shows up, the luck of the captured cop is over. The brute has decided to use the poor Chrissina as bait in a cruel trap for her police-colleagues and starts to wrap up the big boobed blonde from-head-to-feet into tons of sticky tape! Now, massively bound and gagged, the harsh packed up cop has to watch helpless how her captor plants a bomb-trap at the door to her room wich triggers as soon as someone opens it again! After he's gone and left Chrissina to her cruel fate, she awares the storming of the building by her co-workers... but her warnings are only a unitelligibel moaning beneath her effective gag!

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