B0224 Doublecrossing of a busty Fake Maid

17:40 video

A group of robbers have though about a smart way to rob rich people and have created a very sneaky trick. Chrissina, a member of this group and a very sexy and big boobed beauty, applies as housemaid at those people, earns their trust and wait untill her employers are gone into holiday. Then her accoplices show up and can clean up the whole house. But after everything went well in their first coup, Chrissina's partner had other plans for the busty blonde in her cute maid-outfit as to pay her fair. The voluptous gurl becomes brutally overwhelmed and ends up locked in a room, effective tied up on hands and legs! Of course she's totally upset and starts to struggle arround, suported by loud insulting. So her cruel partners decide to secure the buxom problem much more and Chrissina ends up as bountiful roped up and massive mouthpacked-by-tape parcel! Now her harsh fate is decided and the doublecrossed maid has to stay extensive bound and gagged in her predicament while her ex-partners escape relaxed with their bountiful booty!

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