A0624 Buxom Security Guard in Peril

23:01 video

A business man got a few disturbing messages about a attack on his company. Now he has hired a security guard, the sexy Chrissina, to watch over his property. The tough blonde thinks that it will become a simple job, but on one of her patrols she awares some strange noise in the basement. There she suprises a gang of terrorists wich really plan to destroy the building! But before Chrissina can call for help, she becomes discovered and captured in a storrage room. With tied up hands on her back and wearing a tight cleavgag, the big boobed guard try to escape but she becomes busted again and now her cruel captors will make sure that she's prevented from doing any more trouble. The busty blonde ends up bountiful tied up to a chair and massive tape-wrap-gagged! As if her situation isn't problematic enough, she's also sorrounded by a bunch of gas-bottles and a timebomb! After the cruel villians have left, Chrissina's only chance is to find a way out of her dangerous situation but her massive restriction is way too effective and doesn't let her any room for a escape in time...

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